The Swipe Project – Social Calendars AND the Swipe Files




The Swipe Project includes TWO Social Calendars

What is a Social Calendar?

It is a tool to help you decide what to post about in social media so that you never run through ideas.
Your Social Media is losing customers for you instead of making you booked and happy. Fix that now. Download the BAC Decorator Social Calendar

What will this do for you?

  • It will save you time.
  • You could check each time you want to make a Social Media post in this spreadsheet and get tons of ideas.

What’s included?

Every month from, for example – May 2020 looks like this:

  • Question ideas
  • Funny quotes (About parenting and entertainment) that are safe for kids
  • Jokes that will make mom the coolest mom ever
  • Viral videos links

The BAC Secret Swipe Project

[Swipe] = we wrote all the emails your business needs

What you get is:

  • 20 email templates that will convert potential bookers into customers
  • 5 Voice Messages that you can use to present your services (call scripts)
  • Chatbot flow scripts so you know how to lead the conversation
  • Plus we have added a second BAC Social Calendar with 12 additional months (May 21 till Apr 22) – so you get both this year’s Calendar and Next year’s one

Using SWIPE Files WORKS.

Here is the Proof:

  • Automating your business is now easier than ever
  • Written by a professional Copy Writer
  • Emails that get results and are easy to adapt
  • Lots of great Marketing tips that save you time