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BAC Club Members enjoy these perks

  • Choose your own track and learn only what you need
  • Grab our marketing packs - make money doing what you love AND save time
  • Support through 2 groups of coaching a week (All Hands On Deck)

What is BAC by Zivi Kivi?

Unlock over 500 hours of webinar content and over 1000 videos with designs, skill-focused, and balloon artistry training that will push you to the next level.

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BAC Club Members enjoy these perks

Choose your own track and learn only what you need

Marketing packs - make money doing what you love while you save time

Support through 2 groups of coaching a week (AHOD)

100+ courses available for you

An active community with like-minded Balloon artists just like YOU!

24/7 access to past lectures which you can binge-watch during your FREE time

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Don’t know what you’re looking for just yet? Check out our BAC Tracks. Learn at your own pace. Select your own track!

Here at BAC we encourage our students to learn at their own pace AND time. You can study and learn one track at a time… No rush, no pressure!

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Ready to upscale your Balloon lifestyle?

The Training You Need to Take Your Balloon Artistry to the Next Level for only $50/month!

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No contract. Month to month payments. You can cancel your BAC membership at any time. All this for exactly $50 – a flat rate no matter how many marketing assets we have added to the club. Month-to-month membership gives you real flexibility.

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annual membership – Best Value!

$500/Y A FULL year Balloon artistry (save $100/year!)

No Monthly billing. Get 24/7 unlimited access to all courses, all year round! Book just 2-3 gigs a year, you have already recovered your investment. Plus, annual billing saves you money. It’s a $100 savings a year!

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Unlimited Usage. Cancel Anytime. Month to Month Payments

To incentivize you to stay we also offer this deal:
After 6 months of membership, you can PICK any course you like (apart from MABBC) If you stay 12 months with us you get the end of BAC Year summary course for the year you were active.

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Do I also get FREE ACCESS to all courses?

The BAC membership comes with all Under $100 courses.


Yes. We do give credit for each month you stay with us and after 6 months you get one course for free for as long as you are a member. You can get your money back for 30 days from starting to be a member.

Can I watch the courses on any device?
You can watch the videos on all of your devices including your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and computer.
Why should I join the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP?

Members that commit to a full year in advance save $100 annually!

I need a lot of support for my balloon business and $50/month is such a big amount of money. How much support is included in this club, and how can I be sure about it?
We give you value for your money with a one-of-a-kind experience when you join BAC Club. From the 100+ courses and tutorials to weekly meetings with professional balloon artists and balloon business owners, every dollar of your $50/month subscription will be worth it. BAC club has everything you need to make sure that you’ll get 100% of the support that you need for your balloon business. 75+ business owners have been satisfied with the club, and the next one will be you!
There are times when I am busy, and I can’t make time. Will this still work for me?
Yes. When you’re a part of the club, you can access the courses anytime, anywhere. Just take your time immersing yourself in rich and essential resources that guide you to becoming a professional balloon artist. There is an exclusive chat group where you can also review what has been taught from the AHOD sessions that can help you even more.
If I change my mind about the programs, is there a money-back guarantee?
YES. There is. We offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel within those first 30 days of starting and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

Your 100%
No-Risk Guarantee

At Balloon Artist College we hold ethics as a core value.
We truly believe that if you become a member of the Balloon Artist College resource, you will get immense value. If however, you join and feel dissatisfied, then you have 30 days to let us know and we will refund 100% of your money.
No questions, no fuss. That’s our promise to you.

If you think you got everything you need… think again!

We have these EXCLUSIVE COURSES, ALL INCLUDED in the membership!

Take a detailed look at what’s in the BAC Resource… Take a look at THE VAULT

et access to all of our less than $100 courses for as long as you are a member of Balloon Artist College.
(Hint: Its current VAULT value is at $8000!)

Access FREE courses. This includes The Matt Falloon Experience, The Lindsey Pookie Foster Experience, The Glen LaValley Experience, and many many others.

Wanna see ALL of our 100 courses before you join?

Learn from the experts

BAC gives you access to the world’s top Balloon Artists from the comfort of your own living room. Lecture topics vary and cover areas such as Twisting, Balloon Decor, Skills and Techniques, Business, and Marketing.

Working in niche markets such as the wedding market / Dance Floors market, and we also
cover the Etiquette side of being a Balloon Artist.

You can watch the Webinars on the BAC Webinars page.

Learn from top names like Scott Tripp and Chris Adamo using your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Annie Caldwell

Anthony Lena

Asi Cohen

Cody Williams

Craig Cash

Chad Johnson

Dave Brenn

David Lima

Denis Gartsbein

Dylan Gelinas

Eli Altar

Glen LaValley

Greg McMahan

Guy Sheffer

Halley Foye

Karen Braha

Kelly Sashimi

Lindsey Foster

Matt Falloon

Matsumoto San

Melissa Sherk

Narelle Fouche

Ori Livney

Rachel Porter

Sara Meyer

Scott Trip

Shachar Erez

Thelma Levett

Cris Adamo

Nate Culpepper

Zivi Kivi

Phileas Flash

The Lectures

We think it’s only fair you get access to ALL of our past lectures without paying any extra on top of the membership fees.

Too late for flashback-Friday? See some
“flash of the past” lectures here.

And if you think that you have seen everything that you need. Well, how about checking out our 300+ webinars?

Yes, you read it right. Not 100, or 200… but 300 plus webinars! Now that’s a lot for you to learn from.

Get ACCESS TO ALL of them by joining the club

Your customers’ expectations are growing, and so should your offerings.

Don’t just decorate balloons,

Deliver a unique kind of experience your clients can’t stop thinking about.

We have a wide array of valuable courses to help you stand out and offer nothing but the best.

Decor Courses

A PODCAST for every balloon artist?!

You read it right. BAC has its own free podcast and resource for you! Learn the learn tricks of the trade and be inspired from artists that rock the balloon decor world.

Make your prep time more productive.

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Balloon Artist College was created because of one big dream: to help every creative balloon artist shine brighter by elevating their design skills, guiding them on how to price their work of art, and coaching them so they could pierce through the hearts of their audience.

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