Proposals That Sell Themselves


The Lecture is on 29th of Nov, 6pm PST

Does this sound familiar:

❌ Do you struggle with a clean, effective proposal layout for your clients?

❌ How many choices is too many, or not enough?

❌ And what about pricing? Everyone knows décor can be scaled up or down to fit budgets.

I feel your pain. When I acquired my casino clients, this was a real struggle, and one I figured out. And when I did, the process for securing four and five figure décor packages became much easier and MUCH less stressful.

Join me Sunday, November 29 at 6:00 p.m. PST and I will show you step by step how I do my proposals, how many choices I give, and how I show the range of prices.

I show the next step too – after the client makes their choices, how I change the proposal to make it my working copy to execute the job.

The bonus is a sample proposal for selling arches and columns saved in Publisher and PowerPoint. All you need to do is add your pricing and any text/information you want them to have and it is ready to send to your client. Easy peasy! I like easy!

This lecture is only $30, and free for BAC members. For more information about BAC –

This cost of the lecture covers:

  • Email templates for reaching out to your contact (this is the actual format I use all the time and grew a 6 figure decor business)
  • 1 email template of how to follow up when the last job was awful (make lemonade from lemons)
  • A list of things I pay attention to when I go to a venue for the first time (so that you SCORE)
  • A list of how I take notes when pictures aren’t allowed for security reasons (this is a life saver)

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