How To Keep Corporate Customers Coming Back again and again and again


The Lecture is on 20th of Nov, 6pm PST

Does this sound familiar:

❌ You lose corporate customers every year to contact changing jobs?

❌Or they lose your information and call someone else?

❌Or perhaps someone on the committee thought someone else ordered the balloons and now you’re scurrying with a last-minute order?

I have experienced all of these things too, and have developed a strategy that not only mitigates these issues but also keeps corporate customers coming back year after year.

I take you step by step on how I organize the information, and how I contact the customers. The lecture includes several email templates, including one on how to deal with an unhappy customer. Other bonuses are included.

Sign up today, and don’t miss out on learning this powerful strategy that will get you results. The tactics are easy. The email templates help you write your emails and are easily adaptable so they are in your voice.

This cost of the lecture covers:

  • Email templates for reaching out to your contact (this is the actual format I use all the time and grew a 6 figure decor business)
  • 1 email template of how to follow up when the last job was awful (make lemonade from lemons)
  • A list of things I pay attention to when I go to a venue for the first time (so that you SCORE)
  • A list of how I take notes when pictures aren’t allowed for security reasons (this is a life saver)

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