Coaching package with Zivi Kivi

$320.00 / month for 10 months



Coaching with Ziv Raviv (a.k.a Zivi Kivi) including:

  • Weekly meetings one on one (1 hour each or 2 30 minutes sessions)
  • access to the instant team including graphic designs (about 5-15) and website building (about 1-5 pages) in wordpress
  • 1 year access to the video course MABBC

The package includes 12 weeks

If breaks are needed – you are allowed to get up to 4 weeks of breaks.

This program has NO money back guarantees.

There are no promises for ANY results.

It’s essentially a coaching program and all the rest (like the instant team) are perks given to my coaching clients.

By joining this program you take the commitment to pay all of the installments and a total of 3200 USD.

Additional costs like clicks or advertisement (through facebook or google) might apply. Some pieces of software for the Outreach might cost money to save time.