Coaching Package for 12 Weeks – The Flexible Coaching Program

$300.00 / month for 10 months



This coaching package comes with no guarantees or promises of results. Anything you choose doing will either work or they won’t, and it will be your choice to either take action or not on the advice or plans shared with you during the program.

What you get access to (use as you wish. It is your responsibility to actually use these):

  • 12 weeks of support from Ziv Raviv and his team (with an option to expand to 16 weeks with 4 weeks of no support if life requires the extra flexability)
  • Support by Ziv means unlimited short 30 minutes meetings or one weekly one hour meeting.
  • One weekly group meeting for 60 minutes
  • Unlimited graphic designs (usually 5-15 are made within 12 weeks) including sources
  • Unlimited website fixes (usually 1-5 fixes are requested) including the actual code of the site (but not the hosting of the site or the domain name)
  • One website built for you (usually 1-5 pages)
  • Copywriting sessions within the meetings with Ziv
  • One year access to the online course – the Modern Automated Business Course
  • access to the 12 days training about the Wizard OS and access to the facebook group where the training will be held

The program comes with three tokens to allow you to ask to skip a month of installments. This has to be explicitly requested over chat or email, and will not change the overall payment required by this program.

Even though the program includes payment plan options, you are committed to pay for the entire payment plan even if you no longer are enjoying the program or get any value from it.