The Chicago Event 2.0!!!


18th & 19th of July 2017

By Brody’s Balloon and Zivi Kivi

18th & 19th of July 2017 - in Brody's Balloon

Zivi Kivi, CBA

Host of the Balloon Artist Podcast, will be sharing for Brody’s Balloons customers two brand new and different educational days. New Ideas, new content and hands on experiences tailored to give you fun and joy (and business success too)

Day 1 - 18th of Jul, 6-10pm (Tue)

How to sell twisty add ons

Including Picture Frames, Candy Cups and hats

Including original designs and business aspects

Who is this for – Balloon artists, Entertainers, Twisters and any Balloon Artist that wants to expand to improve their ability to sell add ons

Balloon Jam from 10pm-Midnight

Day 2 - 19th of Jul, 6-10pm (Wed)

Business & Decor designs

Selling Decor fast – creating stunning decor for multiple occasions FAST

Who is this for – Balloon Decorators and any Balloon Artist who wants to add value to his customers through decor or through better business understanding

Balloon Jam from 10pm-Midnight 

Bonus FREE design from DFEB – the Dance Floor Experience Blueprint Video course

New content will be added here exclusively for Chicago peeps at mid May!

Made by Zivi Kivi and Keren Fridman Braha