Terms and Conditions for Instructors of BAC

The page describes the way BAC works with their instructors, a.k.a content partners. 

The following is list of mandatory guidelines and some informatoin about BAC:

  • BAC is a transparent six figure business. Zivi Kivi, the founder, has been sharing the numbers at the end of each season of the podcast and on ongoing webinars since Sep 2017. We are not a non profit.
  • BAC is comprised of three departments: The Marketplace, BAC Free, and the Membership. 
  • The BAC Marketplace sales courses. BAC take 10% commissions on anything under $100, and 50% commissions on anything over $100. The comission are paid AFTER deducting paypal fees, and through paypal business transaction
  • BAC Free – we support the industry through free resources: the podcast, certain webinars & certain courses, and through supporting patreon based content creators
  • BAC Membership – A subscription based service that includes:
    • Webinars – 5-10 monthly webinars. Many of these are paid webinars. Our running rate is $200 per webinar of members-only lectures and if you want to cook a webinar for us let Zivi know and we will work out the schedule
    • Challenges – A membership that includes 4 challenges a year – these run for 21 days each and include original content on peripheral skills that artists need. We do not pay the challenges creators.
    • Vault – any course we sell in the marketplace for under $100 is included for our members for no extra reimbursement
  • We have over 90 members as of Oct 2019. It’s about 6.5% of the size of our email list and 2.5% of the size of our facebook group 
  • BAC do not ask for exclusivity in selling your content through us on the under $100 category. On over $100 you have to commit to not selling the courses through anyone else
  • We teach twisting, decor, performing and business in BAC

Apart from the comissions in the Marketplace, and the webinar payments, here are some of the efforts we are doing to bring more people in the BAC marketplace and make you more money (and stuff you need to know to make more money through BAC)

1. Balloon Artist Podcast creates ongoing organic traffic. Season 8 will be launched in Nov 2019.
2. We do ongoing sales like a birthday that generated sales. We do additional sales like on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
3. We are going to create clip arts for many of the designs in the platform and add value to the course in all sorts of ways
4. We are constantly working on improving the content partners courses pages with new copy (we hired a copywriter for that) and soon with visual aid too
5. We are open to doing marketing sessions together – meet and brainstorm what else we can do together to bring in more sales
6. Those that teach with us often in webinars and were actively mentioning us online, have seen way more sales than others
7. We don’t wait with the money and pay it usually within 7 days
8. On credit card processing deals we take a 19% penalty for the UK taxes (we literarily lose money on those sales). On PayPal deals we both take a hit of 4% and that is the price of doing business