kmc X in 24 installments (For Kay Bishop)

$166.67 / month for 24 months



The KM Challenge – Tenth edition is starting on the second of Jan 2021
And includes:
2 Weeks of planning (daily video shared and support via a dedicated facebook group on creating the plan)
10 weeks of ongoing support including –
*weekly coaching (1 hour per week, served through two 30-min meetings) – with Zivi Kivi
*weekly council meeting (90 minutes)
*unlimited graphic designs (reasonable access is around 5-15 designs, including sources)
*Personal website developer in the team (reasonable access is around 1-2 long form pages or up to 5 pages in regular size)
*Personal scraper in the team (for feeding into the lead gen machine)
*One year access to MABBC 4.0 through BAC
*Email and chat support is giving by Ziv on top of the one on one meetings
*Hosting for 20 months for the sites (including email accounts of the sites) is included as long as it is set up during the 12 weeks
*Graphic designs has to be submitted within the 12 weeks, and in a reasonable amount (talk to Zivi for approval if you need more. He usually approves them)

No money back guarantees and no promises for specific results
Price doesn’t include any ad budget that you choose to put into Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Nor does it include the lead gen machine software that is optional.

Price of this program in total is $4000, paid through installments within 23 months (3 freeze account options via email to