Kivi Media Challenge – Sep 2020 – 2 installments

$1,350.00 / month for 2 months



The KM Challenge is a coaching program.
As such – there are two important things to consider:
1. There is no guarantee for results
2. There are no money back options

The challenge starts on the 1st of Sep with a 12 days training (daily video will be sent to you, with daily homework to do at your own pace)
Then as of the middle of Sep, we start a 10 week challenge.
During the challenge you will be supported by Ziv Raviv (Zivi Kivi) and the Kivi Media team in the following way:
* Unlimited meetings with Zivi (30 minutes each usually and up to once a day, within the schedule constraints of Zivi’s calendar)
* Unlimited access to the graphic designers (usually 5-15 designs)
* Unlimited access to the development team (usually about 1-5 pages)
* Access to the Modern Automated Business Course for 1 year (automation, seo, facebook marketing, email marketing and many other topics are covered in this course that use to sell for $2000)

To see the testimonials for this program, check this link:
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