Balloon Artist College Club – Rachel Porter’s Suprise Bonus

$50.00 / month


Get access to EVERYTHING we have in our BAC Club

  • Ongoing Webinars (usually about 5-10 of them) on a variety of topics
  • Access to all past webinars
  • Any course we have in BAC that cost under $100 (the value of those are over $2500)
  • Any challenge we do or did (we do 4 challenges a year to help you improve your skills)
  • Access to the community facebook group for members only
  • Access to a monthly Q&A webinar that can help you on the business side of things with Zivi Kivi

Choose one of the following bonuses (after sign up):

Bonus #1: TWO 30 minutes long, one-on-one, coaching sessions on pricing with Rachel Porter (through zoom video calls.

  • Help you identify your overhead costs and a reasonable labor rate for you
  • Show you how to add profit and use those numbers to calculate price
  • Help you work through complicated quotes
  • Use the sessions within 2020

Bonus #2: 50% Etsy Discount as long as they are a member of BAC. That is half off everything in the store, all the time.  As for customizations (that all goes through you get 25% for as long as you are a member

Sign up now and Zivi will contact you to check what bonus you chose.

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