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The Matt FAlloon Experience

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Every balloon artist is unique and has the potential to be successful. Few are truly mesmerizing, leaving you wishing you knew their secrets.

When it comes to speed, Matt Falloon is undeniably in the lead of balloon twisting. He is an inspiration, a performer who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Balloon artists from all over the world look up to him, not only because he is 5 years ahead of the rest, but also because he is a living legend and it is our responsibility to support those who paved the way for us.

Today, we are proud to show our deepest respect and gratitude for all the work Matt has done over the years. Enroll in our exclusive Matt Falloon Experience and learn the most advanced twisting techniques from the pioneer. Time to step up your game, mesmerize your fans!

The Matt Falloon Experience

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MAtt FAlloon BIO 

Matt Falloon is an international award-winning balloon entertainer from Sydney, who’s been travelling the world, making people happy for over a decade now. He is a true pioneer and the most advanced twister in the world.

Some of his most recent prizes are: first prize for his small sculpture in Missourri (2013), second prize for his large sculpture, and third prize for his stage performance in New York (2014), first prize for his small sculpture in Nevada (2015), and numerous prizes from the international balloon twisting convention known as Twist & Shout. Matt also won first place in the grueling Spartan balloon contest at Kapital Kidvention, in Washington (2015).

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