Larger Than Life

There is more in life than Classic Decor

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Getting customers to book you again and again… is HARD!

Have you ever wondered how money making balloon ideas seems to flow non-stop to some
artists, while others struggle coming up with a profitable signature piece?

That question used to drive me crazy when I was making my first steps in the Balloon Decor industry.

Why does it have to be so hard to get customers to book you again and again😥?

Now that things are different and I partner with some of the brightest and most innovative balloon
artists worldwide, Balloon Artist College is able to share trade secrets with you.

Tips and tricks to help you design magnificently profitable signature pieces, others will talk about forever.

And today we teamed up with award winning Denis Gartsbein, who graced us with a secret that got his business repeat bookings from the best customers you can imagine and you could master the Larger Than Life mega tool too, after you enroll now.

Introducing: Denis Gartsbein’s Secret


Larger Than life

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Balloon Distortion

180 minutes of video tutorials. Master balloon distortion secrets in 3 hours. Get paid fast!

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Exclusive Balloon Distortion course 
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What others think!

Here are some actual results by more than 307 successful balloon artists like yourself from more than 25 states, who took our courses. Scroll down to read them all or click the button if you are ready to…

Fishing Rods, not fishes

three flexible designs

Your peers love learning in BAC:


Denis Gartsbeing BIO 

Denis Gartsbein is an emerging meteor decorator from Israel. His Larger Than Life dolls earned him a tons of recognition and repeat bookings. In late 2018 Denis joined a team of six Balloon Artists that won the first place in the Large Sculptures category at the Russian balloon convention competition. 

At Balloon Artists College, we pride ourselves with the great tutors on board, and Denis is a perfect example of a great balloon artist and a tutor of his art. We are already working on his next course! Larger Than Life – talk about an ingenious balloon decor idea!

LARGER THAN LIFE – Lifetime Access Offer

Sell Huge Balloon Dolls That Are Truly Larger Than Life

As you think about enrolling, you suddenly realize you have nothing to lose with our 30 day money back guarantee

And remember, sell one of your new balloon distortion pieces and the cost of your course is already paid off. Here is a spoiler alert! Imagine, it cost only $7.58 of balloon cost to make a larger than life doll and you sell it for up to $400. Now that is what we call larger than life profits!

Join the fastest growing and most trusted balloon artist college with more than 307 professionals enrolled up to date, leveraging the power of knowledge. Invest in yourself and start making hundreds of thousands of dollars doing what you love, making people happy. 

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