AHOD 31st August 2023



  • Quote tool demonstration emphasizing the importance of design elements in quotes

  • Rebranding or redirection due to changes in services offered

  • Name change and branding to better reflect their services, seeking input on the decision

  • Discussion of Google ads campaigns, including budget allocation, impressions, and strategies for optimization

  • Workshop collaboration and compensation

  • Reflections on long-term relationships in the entertainment industry and trust in collaborations

  • Discussion of Raquel Porter’s generous contributions to Balloon Artist College and plans to adapt her templates for club members

  • Plans to create Canva templates and Decor Tool templates for balloon decor listings, exclusive to club members

  • Questions and advice on hiring part-time help, including considerations for contractors and employees

  • The advantages of platforms like hiremymom.com for hiring part-time help and connecting with candidates who are moms

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