AHOD 24th August 2023



  • Analysis of a magic performance package, discussing changes and improvements over time, and exploring different formats like disco-style shows

  • Email marketing for performers

  • Detailed discussion of a pre-sale email sequence, including its structure, content, and open/click-through rates

  • Discussing how an email sequence helped secure deals of varying amounts and convert potential clients despite higher pricing

  • Mention of technical issues and seeking advice on creating a modern pre-sale email sequence for a platform

  • Discussing automated pricing for different event types, mileage charges, and strategies for setting prices

  • Effective email sequences for different types of performers, balancing automation with personalization

  • Balancing the length and flexibility of forms for collecting event details while ensuring a positive user experience

  • Strategies for collecting essential event details from potential clients to provide accurate customized quotes

  • Google Ads campaign management and optimization

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