AHOD 16th of July 2020 – Asking for Referrals and Testimonials, What to do with No Gig situation, Interaction with Kids in Zoom

AHOD 16th July 2020
4:30 Asking for Referrals and Testimonials
40:00 What to do with No Gig situation
1:10:00 Interaction with Kids in Zoom


  • Discussion of current situation and stress related to the pandemic and making money
  • Mention of good news in the micro level, specifically in Israel with allowing birthdays for up to 50 kids and the potential for up to 100 events later in the month
  • Discussion of the different restrictions and challenges for entertainers in this current environment
  • Mention of specific examples of different countries and their current situations with the pandemic
  • Acknowledgement of the tragic loss of loved ones and hardships caused by the pandemic
  • Creating promo videos for entertainment services
  • The current status of library shows, including whether they are being cancelled, converted to virtual shows, or still being booked
  • The potential for virtual shows to open up new markets for future years
  • Napoleon suggests the idea of creating an educational show about hygiene, specifically focusing on viruses, and trying to target the educational market with this idea
  • Planning a princess party for a child’s birthday.


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