Balloon Artist College YEAR 2 MEGA DEAL

The new dashboard

Hey BAC members!

This page is locked for outside people. Only you as a member can access this page because you joined BAC during the first year. You are about to see the offer for joining year 2: an amazing offer IMHO but I will need you to decide fast in order to get the full benefits of the perks and bonuses in this MEGA DEAL.

Just like with any education business, knowing who is with us for the next year is key in planning our courses, challenges, webinars, and perks.

Because I know how important it is for you to save money I will also include two smaller commitment options. This is a result of that survey you may have answered to as well.

We work so hard on making BAC match your needs which is why we’ve added the vault that has 4 courses by now, and will soon have 8! which is included for members and we are committed to making BAC Year Two the best year ever.

The Challenges




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Some of the PLANS FOR YEAR 2

Decor Journey Course

During the next few months, Scott Tripp himself will document the process of going into decor, he will share all of his insights with year two members. So if you want to go into decor or you’re already doing decor, you will LOVE it!

The encyclopedia of balloon art

Join us in the process of creating a unique resource that will help build this industry and elevate it to new heights.

While those two new BAC perks will be included for all members, the Mega deal is this:

JOIN for 12 months and get two courses for free

Can’t commit for 12 months?

Here are your 3 options:

Do you want a big discount?

Pay now for the 12 month package and get a $100 off!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an ongoing deal instead?

YES, you actually can. The details are in this link.

What are the upcoming courses

We are working on adding 5 more courses for you to choose from – Organic decor, Speciality decor, Balloon Story Telling, Pricing, Balloon Retail and a few more less than $100 courses will be added too.

Who is standing behind BAC?

You! and me. Ziv Raviv (a.k.a Zivi Kivi) is the only owner of the company, which is Israel based. We have full time and part time employees and a network of well-compensated instructors. The company is not sponsored by ANY balloon manufacturer.

What is the Agenda?

When you join BAC as a member for year 2 you support the creation of an amazing resource for the Balloon Industry. We believe that certain topics in education should be made available at some level for free (like pricing, creativity and documenting a design) but as a business, we fund these activities through selling courses and memberships.

Are ALL COURSES available for members

Nope. Only those that cost less than $100. We are considering a higher tier membership that will include more. Email me if you might be interested.

JOIN for 12 months and get two courses for free