Imagine receiving an unexpected gift on your special day.

It’s wrapped beautifully and comes with a heartfelt message that warms your heart.

It feels delightful to be remembered.
It’s the same with your clients on their birthdays.

Birthday emails are messages sent to subscribers on or near their birthdays. A birthday email aims to highlight the occasion, offer a special discount, and encourage retention and positive brand equity by providing personal attention and a touch of delight.

However, while getting someone to read your email is not difficult… It’s also not easy.

Even if you have a great copy for your email, it won’t matter if the person receiving it doesn’t bother reading it.

There’s so much information; just like you, your clients are bombarded with tons of it daily. And the last thing you want is your email to be unopened, deleted, or worse, reported as spam.

So, how do you get the birthday client to read your email?

The solution? An irresistible hook

A hook is an opening statement that attempts to stir the reader’s interest and encourage them to continue reading. Think of it as a little nudge you give to readers to tell them you can do something valuable for them.

Hooks should be something readers can relate to and feel emotionally connected to. Now, if you want to maintain a reader’s attention, here are four things that make for a good hook.

1. Pleasure

A reader’s delight involves more than just satisfying them; it is about exceeding their expectations. They aren’t the only ones who benefit from your efforts – your business does too.

Imagine a situation where you are a parent who wants to enjoy a nice glass of bubbly and a savory plate of lasagna at your party. But because you’re so busy with the kids and the guests, you usually have to gulp it down quickly.

Now, you’re going to tell parents that if you book me to keep your children and the guests entertained throughout the party, your relaxation is guaranteed. So sit comfortably, grab your glass, and enjoy an interrupted meal.

That was an example of a pleasure hook. You’re trying to bring your customer into a pleasant state where you are both winners.

If you want to learn how to build a structure for your email to emphasize your pleasure hook, you may want to check out this example of the BAC Weekly Newsletter HERE.

2. Getting away from pain

You may think pointing out other people’s pain points is bad for business.

That’s not entirely true. When you know how to properly approach people’s pain points, people will be very interested in finding solutions.
When using pain points as a marketing strategy, the next thing to consider is your customers’ specific wants and needs. You need to know what matters to them. Thinking about this helps you show empathy for their situation.

By addressing these issues, you may be able to find the ideal product or service that will put you ahead of the competition. When you have the mindset of creating value, people start to notice you because they hate their pain and want to get rid of it.

3. Social Proof

A very powerful hook that is hard to come by.

Maybe you’ve served famous people or appeared on a TV show a lot; those proofs are a great tool to show the audience you’re on top of your game. Or maybe you don’t have these but have positive reviews from your past and current clients. These tools and a great testimonial video or review can boost your trust rating.

And if you haven’t started collecting testimonials yet, you can email or message your clients and ask them politely for a review. You can exchange their review for incentives like discount coupons, exclusive service add-ons, or useful resources.

When you have collected enough testimonials, publish them on your site or social media groups for your prospects to see.

Want to learn more about how to use other people’s feedback to benefit you and make you reliable? Click this link here.

4. Scarcity

People hate the Fear of Missing out (FOMO) when it comes to opportunities offered to
them. This tactic might be the most cliche way to get birthday clients to open your email.

But no matter how old this tactic is, it still does the trick.

How can you use the scarcity method without sounding cliche and salesy?

Well, you can write an attention-grabbing scarcity subject line like The holidays are almost here, or Hurry! This offer is today only.

These are not only limited to subject lines. You can also use this tactic in the body of your email or at the PS. You can subtly say, “But we only have a few designs left to claim this discount,” or “Our calendar is almost full for the holidays. Save your date today.

Hooks grab clients by the eyeballs (pun intended!)

Sending your birthday clients a heartfelt greeting on their special day means a lot to them and your business. It helps you create a great impression and establish trust, which is key to a long-term relationship.

And to keep the relationship going, you have to make them feel they are valued. One way to do it is to shower them with hooks that are beneficial to them.

Hooks grab them by eyeballs; they are also an effective way to introduce yourself or warm them up. Who knew that a birthday email with a nice hook was all you needed to get them rushing to you?

However, thinking about the right hook when you’re on writer’s block might be hard. It’s hard to know where to start with all the possible ways to do it!

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