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The Corona Buster Operation Updates

Here’s the list of our FREE webinars until the pandemic is over!!

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BAC Club Member – Enjoy these 

Wanna Learn What this weeks FREE webinar is all about?

Every week we share our knowledge for free with balloon artists from all around the world on a webinar on all sorts of topics such as: pricing, balloon skills and how to get started with your money making hobby (with some tips for our advanced part timers too)

Membership Benefits


Jam Sessions

Join for a jam session with the brilliant mind of Scott Tripp and practice creativity twice a month, or watch the replays of previous jam sessions – its better then jamming alone


Private Community

In our BAC facebook group we share more ideas, designs, tactics and generally are there for each other. Quite an exclusive club with great networking opportunities


Monthly Webinars

We have 5-7 webinars every month – jam sessions, decor classes, business webinars, bonus webinars… every. single. month!



About four times a year we challenge ourselves with a 21 days challenge. As a BAC member you get access to the challenge first and with no extra cost



All courses that cost under $100 USD are included in the VAULT for BAC Club Members.


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Do I also get free ACCESS to aLL COURSES?

The BAC membership comes with all Under $100 courses.


All LIVE webinars are also recorded for you to watch the replays.


Yes. We do give credit for each month you stay with us and after 6 months you get one course for free for as long as you are a member. You can get your money back for 30 days from starting to be a member.

Why commit for a full year?

Members that commit to a full year in advance pay $100 less.

Happy Students

“I’m thrilled that a formal balloon artist college is available to young and eager balloon artists like me.   I anticipate that it might be the most valuable and applicable college-type education that will be available to me 🙂 ” – Molly Balloons

“I am really excited about the Balloon Artist College!  I have purchased several of Zivi’s courses already and have learned so much.  There are a lot of balloon tutorials out there and they have also helped me on my journey as a new twister, but what set’s Zivi apart is his keen business sense. Having skills is important, but knowing how to apply them to build a business is another matter entirely, and I’m so grateful for the tools that have been carefully laid out for balloon artists.  From what I’ve seen in the professionalism of Dance Floor Experience Blueprint, Balloon Upsell Course, Clowning and Comedy Course, I know BAC is going to rock! I am especially excited about the balloon challenges coming up- I need to build a portfolio and it is going to be so much fun to do it with other twisters- without needing to leave home!”

Tamsyn Spackman

“I am so thankful that Zivi Kivi came into my life. His teaching is taking my Balloon Magic business to the next level! What I am learning now will help me put smiles on the faces of a whole lot more people”

– Steven Dickinson

Ready to change your life? Let’s get started! 

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we didn’t find what you searched

Hey – not finding what you were looking for can be frustrating. Can we offer you ONE free course?

we didn’t find what you searched

Hey – not finding what you were looking for can be frustrating. Can we offer you ONE free course?

we didn’t find what you searched

Hey – not finding what you were looking for can be frustrating. Can we offer you ONE free course?