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Ever wondered what it would be like if you could draw like an artist, so that you can add more life to your balloons by giving them facial expressions? Imagine the emotions you create in people when they see a balloon that speaks with their eyes. Wouldn’t more people immediately be drawn to your circle?

Now inspired by Lindsey Foster you can easily do that, draw captivating eyes so that all eyes are on you, every time. Not only that she will give you an easy to follow step by step guide to draw different faces, but it will only cost you $0.15 per tutorial.

Make your balloons so much more than just a pretty face. Add emotions and expressions and create deep connections with your clients. And that is not all. Enrol to the Pookie Experience and get 3 FREE bonuses, including marketing materials and 2 FREE webinars by Lindsey Foster and Scott Tripp.

General Course Outcome
You will easily learn how to:
1. Draw various facial expressions using markers
2. Come up with new ideas based on the 9 balloon arts segments
3. Improve your Marker Work Techniques
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Course Information

Estimated Time: 210 minutes


Course Instructor

Lindsey Foster Lindsey Foster Author

The Pookie Experience


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