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Are you an intermediate or advanced twister looking to up your game by bringing a new dimension to your sculptures?

Glen The Balloon Guy shares with you his signature cross loop weave techniques from his award winning balloon costumes. Learn his top 6 secrets and implement them in your wearable costumes, so that you can start charging your clients more.

And that is not all! Enrol in Glenn LaValley Experience now and benefit from 3 FREE bonus materials. Get an exclusive access to a webinar by the one and only Glen LaValley, PLUS a FREE one of a kind Q&A session with Zivi Kivi and a BONUS webinar with Paul Brown.

You will easily learn how to:

1. Cross Loop weave
2. Loop Horizontal
3. Add traces and markers
4. Add rows
5. Base and ending
6. Build and wear a balloon costume Pretty Face
7. PLUS 3 FREE bonus materials: FREE webinar with Glenn Lavalley, FREE webinar with Paul Brown and FREE Q&A with Zivi Kivi

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Estimated Time: 160 minutes


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Glen LaValley Glen LaValley Author

The Glen LaValley Experience


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