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 For years Phileas Flash has been designing balloon faces that draw gasps of amazement from audience all over the world and now, for the first time ever, he is giving you the chance to do the same. 

Design for the intermediate and advanced balloon twisters, this course and PDF will guide you through all the techniques you need to make fabulous faces (which you can then use as a base to create countless variations).

 This is the future of balloon art.

This is the face of things to come. 

“WOW! This head design is BRILLIANT! The concept will forever change the way large sculptures are made. The design look complicated but Phileas Flash makes it so EASY!”
– Ken Stillman

“A great design with endless possibilities! Phileas Flash is a great teacher. He combines clear instruction with bound-less sense of fun!. “
– Jeff Hayes

“This is a modern classic. A must have for every balloonist’s collection! “
– Natalie, Miss Ballooniverse

“This new DVD will you take your balloons where they need to be! Simple, yet cutting edge!”
– Stev Klein (Steve Kpromo)

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The Face of Things to Come 1


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The Face of Things to Come