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Having hard time during your tulip twist? Or maybe any of these sound familiar…finger stucked, balloon popped or twist would come undone? It’s a problem balloon twisters of all levels might face. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you anymore.

Today David Lima, an international award winner, shares his secret so that you can too make your twisting easier and more enjoyable. Learn the easiest way, The “Lima Twist” with 260’s, 350’s, 160’s, 646’s, 5 round, Multiple Bubbles, 2 attachments, and on the top that, you will see ways of applying it on designs. Great for all balloons artists of all levels.

And that is not all. Enrol in David Lima Experience now and benefit from 2 FREE bonuses. Get an exclusive access to a webinar by the one and only David Lima PLUS a FREE webinar with the pioneer Scott Tripp.

You will easily learn how to:

1. Do the Lima Twist with 260’s, 350’s, 160’s, 646’s, 5 round, Multiple Bubbles, 2 attachments
2. Apply 10 new concepts and techniques of making balloon designs
3. PLUS 2 bonuses: FREE webinar with David Lima and a FREE webinar with Scott Tripp

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David Lima David Lima Author

The David Lima Experience


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