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Add a new stunning décor to your repertoire and see your bookings grow. This organic hot air balloon sphere is perfect for any special event, corporate events, or even garden parties.

Today Chris Adamo, a certified balloon artist will teach you how to frame and layer the perfect hot air balloon sphere. Learn how to measure, connect and inflate the balloons so that you can charge your clients more.
And that is not all.

When you enroll in the Chris Adamo experience, besides learning how to make organic hot air balloon sphere, you will also benefit from 2 FREE bonus materials.

Get exclusive access to the trendy Instagram Webinar with Caity Byrne PLUS a Q&A Webinar with Zivi Kivi.

General Course Outcomes

You will easily learn how to:
1. Make organic hot air Balloon Sphere
2. Master framing, layering, bending the frame, measurements, connections, and inflation of balloons
3. PLUS 2 FREE Bonuses: Instagram Webinar with Caity Byrne and Q&A Webinar with Zivi Kivi

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 280 minutes

Course Instructor

Chris Adamo Chris Adamo Author

The Chris Adamo Experience


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