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Up your twisting techniques by following the footsteps of Scott Tripp, an award winning international balloon artist with more than 20 years in the game.

In his easy-to-follow Balloon Blast Experience, Scott will teach you 11 new designs so that you can immediately start charging your clients more. Expand your repertoire by mastering cartoon characters like Panda, Mermaid, Pooh, Pikachu and more, that gave Scott the international recognition as the fastest twister in the world.

And that is not all. Enrol in the Balloon Blast experience today and get 3 FREE bonus materials, including tips and tricks for making more money while twisting in restaurants, PLUS get exclusive access to Balloon Jam with Scott Tripp and one of a kind Q&A webinar with Zivi Kivi.

General Course Outcomes

You will easily learn how to:
1. Design 11 new cartoon characters
2. Add more fun to your twisting game so that you can charge your clients more
3. PLUS 3 FREE Bonuses: Restaurant Twisting, Balloon Jam with Scott Tripp and Q&A with Zivi Kivi

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Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Scott Tripp Scott Tripp Author

Balloon Blast Experience 1


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