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Anthony the Balloon Kid – it is FUN-tastic to be a kid at heart

What defines awesome kids’ entertainers? Is it their skills to twist and entertain or is it their ability to look at life through the eyes of a child, so that they can create unforgettable memories?

Today we are proud to introduce an Internationally Acclaimed Multi-Award Winning Balloon Artist, Anthony The Balloon Kid, who lives life as a kid at heart.

Step into the world of a professional balloon artist who knows how to have fun as a child, while keeping an utmost highest craftsmanship when it comes to balloon twisting and entertainment. Learn some of Anthony’s biggest secrets and get an exclusive access to Scott Tripp’s balloon jam, only when you enrol to Anthony Lena’s course now.

You will easily learn how to:

1. Make unbelievable creations, most commonly referred to as Balloons of Pure Awesomeness
2. Create unforgettable memories by entertaining your fans with some of Anthony’s most popular sculptures, including Pterodactyls, Baby with Bottle, Campfire with marshmallow, Sumo wrestler, caveman, hot brains Hat and Super Mega 3000 turbo special edition Laser Blaster.
3. Use all the marketing materials provided in this course to attract new customers
4. Up your twisting game by getting an exclusive access to Scott Tripp’s balloon jam

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