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Firstly, this is not a course for complete beginners. The recipes CAN and have been designed to be followed by non-balloon people BUT with a little supervision and minor instructions from you, the balloon expert.

Secondly, this is not a course about new designs, but a collection of recipes that I have curated into a standard format. Some are my original designs, some are adaptations, some are credited to their designer, some are not (sorry) as most of those are actually a Frankenstein’s monster of many similar designs so to credit one person is to discredit another.

From the feedback I received from the costume challenge, I’ve realised that I made quite a few assumptions that may confuse people. This is my attempt to clarify those assumptions so that you can approach my recipes with confidence, knowing that there is room for artistic expression (which I encourage).

I put hours into each recipe and as such, I do claim a certain ownership to those. As a member of BAC or by purchasing this course, you may print copies of the recipes to use during construction, but you may not on-sell or give away the recipes for another person to use them in their business. You may use them and the photos provided to generate sales (obviously) but I expect you or your direct team to be present during construction. I certainly do NOT allow digital copies to be uploaded to the internet for further distribution.

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