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The Modern Automated Business Course includes everything you need to know to double your business. It includes over 50 hours of videos training on marketing and the system in it is the same one that Zivi Kivi used to grow his business from 9k USD a year to 90k USD in 12 months. It was proven by dozens of students that this course gets people huge results (most of them triple the investment in 6 months).

This Course used to be sold with coaching sessions but it isn’t anymore. The most affordable way to get Zivi’s coaching is through the KM Challenge.


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Zivi Kivi Zivi Kivi Author

Modern Automated Balloon Business Course


Modern Automated Balloon Business Course in Installments

$200.00 / month for 12 months

Module 1 – Taming the Sales & Marketing Dragon

Module 2 – Search Engine Optimization

Module 2.5 – Advanced SEO Lessons

Module 3 – Adwords

Module 4 – Facebook 

Module 5 – Champion Building System

Module 6 – Website Marketing Tools

Module 7 – Automation and Email Marketing

Module 8 – Bonus