Journey Into Decor

Build your décor tool box

Wow your clients with one of a kind balloon décor, so that you can get the peace of mind they refer others to you.

Today Scott Tripp, balloon artist with more than 20 years in the game, will teach you how to make more money from décor. Learn how to create amazing art that can be used as table centrepieces, standalone sculptures, or more traditional balloon decor like classic balloon towers.

And that is not all. Enrol in Journey Into Décor and get access to 33 easy to follow décor tutorials by Scott Tripp and learn how to make more money as a balloon artist.

General Course Outcomes

You will easily learn how to:

1. More money from décor
2. Classic balloon column
3. Balloon toothbrush
4. Link balloons arches
5. Balloon cactus
6. Get 33 tutorials by Scott Tripp

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