Dance Floor Experiences Blueprint

Entertain the Guests and add color to the Dance Floor

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Estimated Time: 7 hours

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Zivi Kivi Zivi Kivi Author

Dance Floor Experience Blueprint


Dance Floor Experience Blueprint in Installments

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By being a member of DFEB you also get access to a time saving marketing package which includes a landing page (which we teach you how to install on your website hosting service) and 1.4 GB of pictures and videos of Dance Floors that Keren and Zivi did.

DFEB: Module 1 – the HATS

DFEB: Module 1 – VIP Hats Section

DFEB: Module 1 – Keren’s Add Ons

DFEB: Module 2 – Bracelets

DFEB: Module 2 – Headbands

DFEB: Module 2 – And all that Jazz

DFEB: Module 3 – Selling

DFEB: Module 4 – Operations

DFEB: Module 5 – Bonus

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