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Making balloons for adults as much as for kids it’s easier when you know how to twist cute and fun bracelets. Today Zivi Kivi will teach you how to impress every client with these 22 eye catching designs.

You will learn everything from making a regular bracelet to using a slap, including numerous simple and yet powerful designs so that you can confidently charge your clients more. If you really want to up your twisting game and add more fun to your balloon routine, then why don’t you enrol in the Bracelet course? Learn how to make 22 stunning designs and become a better paid balloon artist now.

General Course Outcomes

You will easily learn how to:

1. 22 new bracelet designs with 150, 260 and 350
2. What is the difference between a regular and a slap bracelet
3. What to do if you don’t have a slap
4. How to make the base for all bracelets
5. How to create two bases from pinches fast
6. And everything else you might think of when it comes to bracelets

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