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An absolute must-attend course by any aspiring entertainer who wants to become a successful balloon artist, because you will get an easy to follow twisting guide so that you can confidently start charging your clients more.

Today, Zivi Kivi will share with you not only facts and stories about balloon art, but you will also learn how to make some easy and yet powerful designs to wow your clients every time.

And that is not all. Enrol in Balloon Artist Encyclopedia and besides the basic twisting techniques, you will also learn how to pop things inside balloons and how to start making more money as an entertainer now.

General Course Outcomes

You will easily learn how to:

1. How to up your twisting game
2. 3 balloon braids
3. 6 and 7 petal flowers
4. Different types of weaves, including flat, triangle and 6 balloon weave
5. Marriage twist
6. Skinny inflation and effects
7. Pop things inside the balloons
8. Glue dots adhesive
9. 6 balloon balls

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Scott Tripp Scott Tripp Author

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