Champion Building System

by Zivi Kivi


In this e-book Zivi Kivi reveals two of his Reputation-Maker marketing tactics and how they work hand in hand with the overall approach of building champions around your business that do the marketing of your business for you.

The e-book has 47 pages and it includes actual scripts of how to talk with your customers while employing these value-bringing tactics. It also includes a deep dive into the psycology and the benefits of the system.

You need to read THIS

I think its so important to find original ways to bring value to your customers. In this e-book I share the summary clip tactic as well as the invitation tactic video clip. Those two tactics together are the number one reason why my customers remember me for so long.

Totally changed my outlook...

There is a reason why I have the confidence to charge the highest fees in my territory. I contribute 99% of my confidence to the easy to implement systems described in this e-book.

Ideas so important I had to give it AWAY

All students of my business program get this e-book for FREE. I just know there is no point of teaching someone how to market his services unless we have a common language which includes the notion of Champio Building

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