Balloon Bird Costume

A Balloon Costume that interacts and positions you for SUCCESS

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Create Social Buzz and Charge More

If you knew there was an authentic way to create huge impact with your balloon entertainment, while charging more, wouldn’t you be eager to learn now?

Reap enormous results by providing a different kind of service. A service that is so versatile and trendy that you can simply entertain more than 500 people at once.

Today, Drew Ripley’s Gertrude comes to life in the course Balloon Bird Costume. This one-of-a-kind character is so much more than just a balloon costume. Build a life-like puppet that interacts with your fans. Create social buzz and charge more for your services

Introducing: drew ripley’s SUPERPOWER

Drew can entertain in huge festivals with thousands of people. Don’t try to hand out balloons in this situation. People LOVE Gertrude and keep taking pictures of her. Isn’t she awesome?

Our most affordable offering ever

Since you will be able to sell this type of a Balloon Bird Costume for anything bettween $750 to $950 (Drew sells them for $1k) it means this course is going to be profitable for you even after only one sale.

The funny part – the Balloons are only going to cost you $18.77 (USD) to make ONE costume.

The course comes with special launch pricing till the 10th of April

Instead of paying $500 the launch pricing for one installment is $300, or five easy installments of $65.

Since the cost to making Gertrude is not huge

Balloon Bird Costume

Quick Preview of What You Will Learn


Get access to an easy-to-follow 12-step assembly tutorial. Build a costume in 3 hours and sell it for $1,000


Master getting in and out of the costume safely, and learn how to better interact with your fans


Get the 6 most important selling tips that helped Drew Ripley become the highest-paid international balloon artist


Enroll Now and Get 2 FREE BONUSES Including:

A recorded Gertrude Masterclass, helping you to further realize your potential for success as a balloon artist, and
A FREE job cost form, which manages your budget for you and helps you transform $18.77 of balloons into a $750 customer.

PLUS, enroll in Bird Costume and learn all that you need, from building a stunning Gertrude, to operating it safely, to finally graduating knowing how to sell each costume for as high as $1,000.

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More than 300 balloon artists nationwide choose our courses; here are just few success stories to help you realize Balloon Bird Costume Masterclass is a fit for you:

Vince Aiello manage to entertain hundreds of people with a downsized Balloon Bird Costume:

Think you can do it?

Many Artists already ride Gertrude

Your peers love learning in BAC:

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Invest in yourself and get access to an exclusive interactive design plus e FREE bonuses

including a job cost form, and the masterclass footage, all yours when you enroll now. 

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Drew Ripley Bio

“Show-stopping, eye-popping, jaw-dropping,” is how people describe Drew’s performances. Having started his brilliant career at the early age of 9, he sure knows how to bring the WOW factor to a room full of people. Drew is an inspirational balloon artist and unique entertainer, whose skills are still a mystery to most of his peers in the industry. Inventor of the famous Gertrude, Drew will share a secret with you which only a few will possess.

Some of his latest awards and recognitions include: Bronze Achievement at the World Balloon Conference 2016 for Medium Sculpture, Nominated 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards, Waterloo Record Commuter Challenge Trophy for highest participation rate in 2011 (commuted by unicycle), and Guinness World Record Holder for World`s Longest Journey in a Solar Car.

Balloon Bird Costume 

Unlock the mystery behind BIG costumes

When most balloon artists STOP and realize just how much easier life could be by learning the best kept secret so far, they immediately click the unlock button. Why? Because they know how much money they can make, having a high ticket option in their repertoire. Just one gig pays for this course many times over. PLUS, remember, you have to be 100% satisfied with the course, or you can take the 30-day money back guarantee. You’ve got no risk to enroll now. So why don’t you unlock Drew Ripley’s mystery and be the BIG achiever that you are?

What will you learn in Balloon Bird Costume Masterclass