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Wanna Learn What this weeks FREE webinar is all about?

Every week we share our knowledge for free with balloon artists from all around the world on a webinar on all sorts of topics such as: pricing, balloon skills and how to get started with your money making hobby (with some tips for our advanced part timers too)

Does this sound familiar?

Keeping up with all the latest trick and designs is an ongoing process. You go to conventions, spend a small fortune by missing multiple gigs and two months later you FORGOT all the latest and greatest designs that you just learned. It gets WORST. On SOME topics there seems to be a deafening silence among members of the Balloon Family. BUSINESS related topics, for example, are not talked about freely, as many in our industry are hobbyists and part timers. What if there was a way to get BOTH business and balloon related training from the comfort of your own home, and by people we TRUST so that we can save time in looking for the training that fits our needs?

We’ve got you covered!

In the Balloon Artist College, we have solutions for ALL of your educational needs. No matter if you are a full timer, a part timer or just in love with balloons like all of us – there is a program for you here, online, that can help you grow both as an artist and as a business at the same time.

What’s included?

JAM Sessions

Join Scott Tripp twice a month for a Balloon Jam Session. Experimenting with balloons on a regular basis is known to invoke creativity and help you learn new techniques.


Join Zivi Kivi once a month for a all hands meeting. Ask on any topic you like (business related stuff is Zivi’s forte so you can leverage the access and overcome some bottlenecks). Hear updates on upcoming paid and free courses of BAC.

21 day Challenges

Sign up for 4 challenges each year and receive pictures of amazing designs on one topic. Then recreate those designs to win points and potentially also win a huge prize! All BAC members who join the challenge may use the designs later in their portfolio!


Meet regularly with a Master Mind Group Buddy .(fellow member of BAC). This is a tried-and-tested way to break the business-loneliness and help you grow.


Need some twisting gloves, Slap Bracelets, balloon containers or other balloon equipment for a discount? BAC members have offers sent their way a few time each year, with deals negotiated personally by Zivi Kivi, so you know they will be sweet.

Practice sessions

Want to learn from one of the BAC paid courses in a group and get access to course creators? Then Practice sessions is perfect for you. We actually encourage you to finish the course you bought and help you by giving you some structure in your crazy daily schedule.

BAC on the Go

All of the content in BAC, including live webinars and all of their replays are available for members on phones and tablets as well as on your computer. As long as you are connected to the internet, you are connected as well to BAC.


Courses about the topic of writing balloon designs (creativity, pricing, documenting) will be made available for free on BAC. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get access to those or join BAC to get access before everyone else.

Relax - and sleep better at night

With just a small FLAT FEE for all of those benefits, you know you can relax and that as long as you put in the hours, you will see real result and growth.

Hear it from our members…

“I am so thankful that Zivi Kivi came into my life. His teaching is taking my Balloon Magic business to the next level! What I am learning now will help me put smiles on the faces of a whole lot more people”
Steven Dickinson

Twister, Magician, Zivi Kivi's BUC and MABBC student

“I can’t wait to join the Balloon Artist College! Online jams with balloon celebrities and challenges are guaranteed to keep me motivated and up my skill level. Ultimately helping me to grow your business. I can always trust Kivi Kivi to provide fantastic useful content!”
Vicki Ward Hibbins

Balloon Decorator, MABBCi

” I have been following zivi’s growth in this business for several years now.  I am continually amazed at the content he puts out. The man is a machine when it comes to value added to his products. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the balloon artist college is sure to provide the skills and information you need to grow. I cannot recommend it enough. I have no idea how he comes up with the time to do all of this”
Michael Moon

“The quantity of information Zivi gives in his courses is overwhelming. With technology changing daily, keeping on top of what needs to be done to grow a business has become a second full time job. But the behind the scenes secrets Zivi shares makes the chore of staying on top practically effortless.
There’s not a single entertainer, balloon twister, magician, comedian, juggler, singer or acrobat who will not benefit from these lessons. This is a master’s course education that’s critical for any entertainers success.”
Doug Scheer

Wanna Learn What this weeks FREE webinar is all about?

Every week we share our knowledge for free with balloon artists from all around the world on a webinar on all sorts of topics such as: pricing, balloon skills and how to get started with your money making hobby (with some tips for our advanced part timers too)

Meet BAC Founder

Zivi Kivi have is dedicated to help you grow.

From creating the Balloon Artist Podcast, to managing the Balloon Artist FB Group. From adding more features on the Balloon Stock Mobile app to, to creating the Balloon Art Photos project. ZK is always on the look for more ways to serve you so that you grow both as an Artist and as a Business owner. See the short video and see Zivi’s care in his eyes.

30 day money back guarantee no questions asked!

BAC Membership has benefits that last for a year. We are looking forward on going through a road together and that requires persistence.
However, we also understand this is not for everyone and insist you try it out first. If you cannot commit to a full year of membership and notify us on time, we will refund your money, no question asked. EASY.

Take a look inside…

BAC membership includes access to both LIVE and REPLAY videos. We have invested in a high end LMS (Learning Management System) so that you can TRACK your progress and enjoy a great User Experience from your time in BAC. We have a whole team (Graphic Designer, Content Manager, Website Developer and more) that is waiting for your feedback and needs and is eager to help.

“I’m thrilled that a formal balloon artist college is available to young and eager balloon artists like me. I anticipate that it might be the most valuable and applicable college-type education that will be available to me 🙂 ”
Molly Balloons

Balloon Dress Maker, MABBCi

“I am very greateful that I meet with Zivi Kivi. I have been struggling to find ways to grow my bussiness and now I am confident because his teaching enable me to focus the only tools that work in order to grow my bussiness to the next level!
Yours truly, Jude”
Jude Chong

“I am really excited about the Balloon Artist College!  I have purchased several of Zivi’s courses already and have learned so much.  There are a lot of balloon tutorials out there and they have also helped me on my journey as a new twister, but what set’s Zivi apart is his keen business sense. Having skills is important, but knowing how to apply them to build a business is another matter entirely, and I’m so grateful for the tools that have been carefully laid out for balloon artists.  From what I’ve seen in the professionalism of Dance Floor Experience Blueprint, Balloon Upsell Course, Clowning and Comedy Course, I know BAC is going to rock! I am especially excited about the balloon challenges coming up- I need to build a portfolio and it is going to be so much fun to do it with other twisters- without needing to leave home!”
Tamsyn Spackman

“I had Zivi recently ask me why I wanted to participate in the Balloon Artist College. Here’s my answer: RESOURCES. I am a member of Balloon Upsell and MABBC, and I have witnessed firsthand the level of preparation, care, and value that Zivi Kivi puts into his offerings. The resources he offers are always of great worth, professionally managed, and fairly priced. But aside from all that… this is a one-stop place for all things you need for bettering yourself as a balloon artist. How could I pass that up? I may not know exactly why I need it, but I am certainly will find out quickly! Can’t wait!”
Marc Feickert

Twister, Entertainer, MABBCi


Nope. Sorry. BAC is a full year program for people that are serious about their art and business. You can get your money back for 30 days ONLY.
Why commit for a full year?
This is a mutual commitment that will yield results in your life. On the long run, this program will actually last 4 years like regular College. We are that serious.
All LIVE webinars are also recorded for you to watch the replays.
Do I also get free ACCESS to aLL COURSES?
Nope. BAC membership is about other stuff like Jams, Accountability, Practice sessions, Deals etc. BAC is also a marketplace for courses.
Can I join ALL courses somehow?
The $2500 a year program will be available once we reach 15 courses. We will have 10 by the end of school year 17-18.

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Recurring payment for 12 months Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee Let Me In!

Two Year Membership

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Save $220 when you pay in advance for two years! Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee Let Me In!