Join Balloon Artist College Lite for success in your balloon business

BAC Lite comes with 40+ Included Resources

What You’ve
Experienced Vs What Works

Before becoming a member of Balloon Artist College Lite you:
  • MBurn your money on expensive monthly courses with mediocre resources
  • MDon’t get the results you want for your biz
  • MGet stuck on your business plans
  • MHave slow improvement
  • MHave no idea where to start again
You have the passion to become a professional balloon artist.
But you have to stop walking in quicksand that drags you down.
Get good advice, identify problems, and take action.
BAC Lite will enhance your passion and will equip you to become the professional balloon artist you’ve been dreaming of!
After becoming a member of BAC Lite you’ll be able to:
  • NGet premium resources from balloon artist experts with a SUPER cheap monthly subscription
  • NImprove your skills
  • NHave a comprehensive guide on how to take your business to the next level
  • NListen to value-bomb podcasts that give you a headstart as a balloon artist
  • NFind gigs, high-paying clients, and grow your balloon biz
If you’re tired of dealing with the feast and famine cycle, then this program is made just for you professional balloon artist!
$2113 worth of value for $7/month
I’ll be blunt with you:

Deciding to Become a Professional Balloon Artist Wasn’t Easy

Before becoming a full-time balloon artist, I
  • MWas project manager of an entertainment company of 50 people for 8 years (with an international revenue of $7M a year)
  • MHad passed an exam from World Balloon Convention 14 and became a Certified Balloon Artist
  • MGot promoted to director of project management
But then…
I thought of where I wanted to go after leaving my 9 to 5 job.
I had to make my own balloon business grow.
That was the challenge I felt I needed to take up.

I wanted to do my best to become a full-time professional balloon artist.

And then the scariest thing happened…

I had to quit my job despite having 2 kids and a baby.

It was risky AF.

But my heart wanted freedom from my boss, who was taking all the credit for what I did

I thought to myself: Just do it.

So I took a leap of faith.

I made a well-thought-out plan that included the following:

👉 Learning from balloon artist podcasts

👉 Listening to advice from people who got great results for themselves and then implementing their strategy

👉 Building a network with amazing talents in world balloon conventions

👉 Continuing to improve my service and skills

After years of carefully executing my master plan and giving my best,
my hard work finally paid off.

I got consistent gigs and high-paying clients.
My balloon biz grew… A LOT more than I could ever have imagined
That’s when I realized that I needed to give back.

And this quest now leads me to


The Path to Becoming a Professional Balloon Artist

The exact membership you need to pull off being a professional balloon artist with an affordable subscription that gives you a collection of:
  • Lessons and trainings from experts in the balloon artist industry
  • Bonuses + benefits
  • 2 extra courses (Decor and Twisting) per month
And so much more, all with the affordable price of
ONLY $7/month!
Welcome to

Balloon Artist College Lite

earn everything you need to know about balloon craftsmanship and the events industry from experts all over the world.

For a super-affordable price with uncompromising quality of the experience and lessons.

Total Value of $2113
for $7/month

When You Join the Balloon Artist College Lite

You get everything you need to quickly become a better balloon artist and find more success as an effective business owner
You’ll get instant access to:
  • N Design Templates and Canva Packs for creating FAST and professional marketing materials
  • N Proposal, Pricing, Contract, and Quote Templates to land and charge your prospects for a price that focuses on your value, rather than costs, and increases overall revenue.
  • NRetention Marketing strategies that will increase your customer lifetime value (CLV) and boost the ROI of every acquired client for the years to come.
  • NBalloon art courses to improve your creative decorating skills
  • N Pre-written copy for your emails, sales pages, and FB/Google ads for quick, easy and effective marketing
  • N Website design and digital e-commerce basics to add value to your business development and promotions
  • NMarketing fundamentals to understand your customers better and persuade them to avail themselves more often of your services

Amazing Bonuses

Stop struggling alone.
  • Become part of a powerful community
  • Take advantage of the workbooks to help you with your vision planning SWOT analyzing,
  • Get help with brainstorming for your business ideas
  • PDiscover templates for goal setting
  • PLearn to use your pros and cons comparisons for a clear-cut roadmap to success
  • PUse pre-made spreadsheets/lists to track every task you need to accomplish in improving your overall revenue
  • PAlways be up to date on the latest marketing and balloon decor courses in BAC
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The opportunity to take concrete steps towards success in your balloon decorating business
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The opportunity to have the best experts in the field guide you throughout your journey in balloon decor services

Why I’m Convinced

I am so convinced of the method and tools shared in this success club. They helped me to completely change my life and guided me in creating a growing balloon decor business that has been profitable in the long term.

If All This Did Was…. Would It Be Worth It?

I have a question for you…
What if I can help you to improve your overall balloon decor services and marketing to land 3-5x more clients this month?
I love celebrating our members’ wins…
But I also love that you can fund a whole year of this success club by
doubling your balloon decor service’s profits once you follow our guide and implement these changes.

Do you think that this can help you land more clients and reach your business goals?

What our members say

Who Is This For?

Balloon Artist College Lite is specifically designed for two kinds of people…
The eager newbie who wants to learn balloon art in small chunks yet doesn’t know where to start
The balloon artist who feels stuck and wants to upskill and explore other techniques to create new designs
If find yourself in either of these two categories, you’re in the right place!
Join the Balloon Artist College Lite NOW!
Buying a balloon artist course for a hefty price?
Enroll in courses you desire, learn them at your own pace, discover techniques to keep up your sleeve, and become the top-notch balloon artist you aspire to be!

How Is It Different?

Did you sometimes ask yourself…
“I have already enrolled in so many courses. I have bought a lot of stuff to help me in my career. Why would I want to buy this?”
Well, let me tell you:
  • NThis offer is not like the stuff you bought before that sells general course packages
  • N This will help you to flip the switch from learning too much to learning what you SPECIFICALLY want
  • N This will allow you to get the accountability, practice, and feedback to become an even better balloon artist who has a particular skill set and techniques
  • N This doesn’t only give you the theory and knowledge of balloon art, it also gives you done-for-you workbook, business templates, and negotiation hacks that you can use in starting and improving your business instantly
  • NYou aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing people who are on the same journey.
  • N There is no risk (7-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel at any time)
  • N This costs less than a couple of coffees at Starbucks but unlike the coffee, this has the potential to change your whole life! From a common apprentice to a practiced artist with clear-cut skills, tricks, and techniques in the practice of balloon art

Members of BAC Swear by Everything That This Success Club Gives You,

Because They Have Been Able to Scale Their Small Gigs into a 5- and Even 6-Figure Balloon Business

and I Want the Same for You?

Go from being a beginner who doesn’t know where to start ➤➤➤
To a professional balloon artist in our industry.

Stop trying to learn from general information in YouTube that are too unsystematic, too generic, or too uninvolved and ➤➤➤
get a specialized learning experience from the veterans and experts in our industry.

Stop your balloons from popping ➤➤➤
Get support, feedback, accountability, networking/partnership, and practice opportunities in
our amazing members-only community.


Q: BAC Lite sounds amazing! But I’m a new balloon artist who is just getting started. Will this work for me?
A: Yes! Balloon Academy College (BAC) Lite is a perfect starting point in your career. It is a one-stop educational space that provides all the necessary things you need to start improving your craft and your business as a professional balloon artist.
Q: I am so excited that there is an affordable solution for learning more about balloons. But what’s the difference between BAC Lite and BAC?
A: BAC Lite offers almost all the benefits of a Balloon Academy College membership. The main difference is the cost: BAC membership charges you $50/month while you can get BAC Lite for only $7/month.
Q: $7 is less than a bag of 11-inch balloons. It’s almost too good to be true. But why is the BAC Lite membership so affordable?
A: Balloon Artist College believes in giving value first before anything else. The affordable membership fee makes the resources equally accessible to everyone, especially for eager newbies who are looking for a great starting point.

And once you find value in our Lite version and you’re ready for more, you can, later on, upgrade to the regular membership and gain access to more advanced resources.

Q: BAC Lite seems like a steal. But I hate committing to an ongoing payment. Why did you choose to make this a subscription? What is the catch?
A: BAC Lite gives you the best possible learning resources from the finest instructors and leaders in our industry. When you join, you will get 40 curated courses, as well as new resources that will benefit you and your business. You will get your money’s worth AND MORE.
Q: The business side of things was always my weak point, so I can see myself learning a lot from BAC Lite. But I’m afraid I don't have the time to go through the courses, as I have a demanding day job. Will this still work for me?
A: All the resources in BAC Lite are recorded and are available for you to start and learn at your own pace and time.
Q: I am not very tech-savvy and know I need help. What if I have some questions on how to use one of the many resources you include in BAC Lite?
A: Feel free to ask your colleagues. BAC Lite offers you a community of both beginners and professionals where you will get support whenever you encounter a challenge in your journey.
Q: I’m itching to join this one-of-a-kind program. But is there a money-back guarantee?
A: YES. There is. We offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel within the first 7 days of starting and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.
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