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  • PTwice-weekly group coaching (AHOD)
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  • PLearn from the world’s TOP balloon artists

We’ve got over 100 valuable lectures to speed up your results

32 online courses for decorators to learn countless saleable designs
56 online courses related to running a balloon decor business (including trainings on software like WordPress, Woocommerce and others)
31 online courses for balloon twisting

and many more including:

Weekly All Hands On Deck Meetings



Our $50/m club offering includes access to courses that cost a total of over $15,000. You get access to it all for the “rental” fee, from day one and for as long as you get value from your subscription


About 60% of our content is EXCLUSIVE to Balloon Artist College. You can’t learn these principles, designs and ideas anywhere else in the world


30% of our courses are ONLY available for BAC Club members. That means you can’t even buy them a-la-carte, even if you try. Make us an offer, we will still say no. These courses are for Club members only

This might be you!

You want to make more money doing something you love,
but waiting for results can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Let me guess…

You are looking for ways to expand your balloon business and improve your skills, too.

Chances are you’ve already mastered the basics of balloon artistry and understand the foundations of executing a gig in the event industry.

You’re still not yet living the balloon artist lifestyle that you have been dreaming about.

What is the balloon artist lifestyle?
Well, we sure can agree on what it isn’t:

Feeling frustrated about not enough gigs…

Feeling like there are too many designs that are out of your skill range.

Being overwhelmed by social media, feeling like an imposter and occasionally feeling depressed by the entire situation.


There are tons of resources online for free.

BUT hear me out…
Learning from free general information on YouTube and other platforms is always unorganized, time-consuming, and missing some context- unlike when you have a clear guide to save you time trying to find your own way.

They say that you get what you pay for. They say that free education is worth that much.


You do not want to waste your most valuable resource. Do you?

So how do you keep things moving forward and see real results from your hard work?

You’ve got multiple options,
but you only need the BEST!

Learning From Scratch
But they don’t tell
you that

When you learn the craft and business by yourself, it will take you YEARS and YEARS because you are starting from square one.

You’re not a beginner, but
That’s why it’s getting frustrating

You spend so much time on trial and error, yet you’re still not making enough money doing what you love. So why not learn directly from the people who have already found success?

Learn From People Who Have Proven Track Records; Accelerate Your Success

Implementing tested and proven strategies saves you the time and resources you’d spend figuring things out yourself.

I’ll be honest with you,the road to having incredible business results wasn’t easy.

I was stuck in my day job…

Until I unlocked the skills I learned from exclusive resources to become a full-time professional balloon artist.

Things really got scary

Zivi Kivi’s Background Story

I was doing my entertainment bit at birthday parties while also working my day job for 8 years before I dared to leave.
I had a high-paying day job as a senior project manager.
But I knew deep down I wanted to pursue my passion with balloons.

So I attended every balloon convention, read every guide, watched every video tutorial, and practiced every day… Until I mastered all there is to balloon art and the business side of things.

Eventually, I quit my day job and became a full-time professional balloon artist. But let me tell you… the journey wasn’t easy. I got stuck, lost, and frustrated more times than I can count.

I wanted to quit so many times, until I found the ultimate guidance that turned my business a complete 180. And these days I serve as the balloon coach to over 200+ event professionals that grew their business to as high as half a million dollars a year.

Yep, thats over $500k all from balloon – done by ONE of my coaching clients. That’s why many of our members follow us in their journey to become the ultimate balloon boss, and establish a balloon artist lifestyle.

Here’s what every serious balloon artist like you needs to

skip the guesswork and achieve success FAST!

Introducing the

BAC Club

An exclusive monthly membership for every talented balloon artist who wants to run a more profitable balloon business through world-class balloon decor techniques and effective marketing strategies.

And by strategies and techniques, I mean these…

You have two options on your plate right now…

Keep googling and wait for what the future holds

Skip Years Of Uncertainty

And Learn How To Explode Your Balloon
Artistry Business

(pun intended)

No contracts, cancel anytime, 30 day money back guarantee.

Take your balloon artistry to the next level for only $50/month and enjoy these perks:

24/7 same-day support in our community with like-minded balloon artists
​​Cancel-friendly, month-to-month payment

$​​50 – flat rate no matter how many marketing assets we have added to the club

Unlimited hours of in-demand WEEKLY video training and coaching sessions

24/7 ​​unlimited access to courses and new resources for the whole month

All of these amazing perks and bonuses gave members an edge in running their balloon businesses, just like Kandee Bishop.

Here’s what she experienced:

“The sessions are an absolute game-changer. You get a variety of perspectives. I look forward to our meetings every week. It helps me set my goals going forward and I have a group that I can say what went well or ask advice if things didn’t go well at all.
You wouldn’t regret joining at all!”

Some of Our Decor Creations

No contracts, cancel anytime, 30 day money back guarantee.

This is not only a self-paced learning program but also a MASTERMIND group coaching and mentorship program

to help you inflate your balloon artistry and sales while paying just a fraction of the usual cost.

No contracts, cancel anytime, 30 day money back guarantee.

Some of our Twisting creations


There Is More…
If You Join Today You’ll Also Get


  • NConnect with like-minded people who are on the same journey.
  • N Get continuous support and all your questions around balloon techniques, marketing, and craftsmanship answered.
  • N Get an inside peek at what is working for others and help implement it.
  • N Learn from coaches about accountability, entrepreneurship & marketing help!


  • NAccess to marketing materials and templates
  • NLearn only the tracks and courses you need at your own pace
  • NLearn techniques and styles used by successful balloon artists
  • NAttend twice-weekly group coaching session online


  • NGet access to more twisting techniques, balloon sculpture courses, and more
  • NLearn with marketing with more easy-to-follow courses plus free pre-filled templates to help you in your sales pitch and close deals

Get it now…
Be an exclusive
BAC Club
member today

Join us and enjoy all these SPECIAL perks for $50 monthly

No contracts, cancel anytime, 30 day money back guarantee.

The teachings in the BAC Club don’t only work for me
but also for my clients and members

Balloon Artist College Club 30-Day Guarantee

You have a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Add more essential knowledge on becoming a professional balloon artist by joining us now! If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you’ll get a 100% refund. You can cancel at any time, no ifs, ands, or buts.. Just a great club.


Q: Balloon Artist College Club sounds great. But I’m a beginning balloon artist who has no idea where to start. Will this still work for me?

A: Yes. Balloon Artist College (BAC) club is a perfect starting point in your career. It is a bank full of unlimited resources and a group that provides all the essential things you need to start improving your products and business as a professional balloon artist.

Q: I need a lot of support for my balloon business and $50/month is such a big amount of money. How much support is included in this club, and how can I be sure about it?
A: We give you value for your money with a one-of-a-kind experience when you join BAC Club. From the 100+ courses and tutorials to weekly meetings with professional balloon artists and balloon business owners, every dollar of your $50/month subscription will be worth it. BAC club has everything you need to make sure that you’ll get the 100% support that you need for your balloon business. 75+ business owners have been satisfied with the club, and the next one will be you!
Q: I am not tech-savvy and know I need help. What if I have some questions on how to use one of the many resources you include in BAC Lite?
A: Feel free to ask your colleagues. There’s a weekly exclusive All Hands On Deck (AHOD) by Zivi Kivi and Rachel Porter, where you can ask specific questions and get advice from these professional balloon artists. BAC club also offers you a community of both beginners and professionals where you will get support when you encounter a challenge in your journey.
Q: There are times when I am busy, and I can’t make time. Will this still work for me?
A: Yes. When you’re a part of the club, you can access the courses anytime, anywhere. Just take your time immersing yourself in rich and essential resources that guide you to becoming a professional balloon artist. There is an exclusive chat group where you can also review what has been taught from the AHOD sessions that can help you even more.
Q: If I change my mind about the programs, is there a money-back guarantee?
A: YES. There is. We offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel within those first 7 days of starting and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.
Q: I want to start now. When will I get access?
A: You will get access as soon as you join the BAC club. This package is active 24/7 until this limited-time offer ends.

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